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9 Way To Make Money Online From Home

How to make money from home? Before that, we want to ask questions. Do you have patience? If not, can you leave the site unread? Because you have to be patient to do Money Income online. Initially, not all tasks seem effortless. There are many tips to earn money online. You can make large amounts of money from small social networks to big companies. If you also want to know about how to earn money online or tips to earn money online from home, then read this post carefully. Without knowing the experience, we cannot understand the tips of making money, and you cannot get a good income.

10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online And Passive Income

We share with you to make money online ideas and tips. So you can easily make money sitting at home in India. Join the tips and ideas for earning money below and start making money online from home.

1. Make Money With Surveys

Surveys is an online website where you can earn $ 10 to $ 100 or more by giving your opinions. What do you think is a survey? Questions related to a product asked in the survey. The answer to the question is your opinion and favorite. One has to work for 5 minutes to 20 minutes daily. To make money from surveys depends on the need for a separate company. You do not need to write anything to earn income from the survey online site. The list of excellent and high-paid survey sites given below.

What questions asked in an online survey?

Simple questions asked in which answers given in Yes / No.

Some questions have 4-5 options to choose from. (You have to give freely, nothing to worry about)

In some problems, basically your age, lifestyle, location, etc.

Answer the questions according to a different product (which is more uncomplicated and more comfortable).

Website List: Make Money With Online Surveys

The following is a survey list of the site. You can start earning by creating an account on it. 


2. How To Make Money With Blog (Make Money With Blog)

You can make money by sharing your knowledge through blogging. Today, new blogs are created online on the Internet. All you need to do is create a website, and you can do any ideas, tricks, history, techniques, remedies, cooking, Shayari, and others. When traffic starts reaching your blog website, you can display Google ads (ads) on it. To view Google ads, you have to create a Google Adsense account, and from there, you will get the code. That code has to put on the website.

The more traffic you receive on your website, Google Adsense Pay accordingly. The minimum payout is $100. You need to fill your bank account details in your Adsense account. When Google Adsense verifies your details, you will get your money to your bank account.

To earn money from Blog, you have to get a domain name and hosting. The cost of which will start from Rs 5000, the following information is shown:

  1. Creating a website 
  2. buy GoDaddy domain name 
  3. Buy Hosting
  4. How to add ADD domain in Blogger [How to add a domain name in Blogger]

3. Earn money with PTC sites (Earn money with PTC sites)

Money earned from PTC sites. Little known about PTC sites. After creating an account on the PTC site, you will see the advertisement. You have to click on those ads and see. Each ad (advertisement) gets different money. Some ads must be clicked; others must view and read.

Here is a list of the best PTC websites from which you can earn money by reading advertisements while registering accounts.


4. Make Money from YouTube (Make Money from YouTube)

Another way to earn money is to make money with YouTube videos. You must have seen many videos on YouTube. Can make anything funny, comedy and upload it to YouTube. When views start appearing on your YouTube, you can monetize your YouTube channel for Adsense. Advertising on videos on YouTube is called monetization.

5. How to make money from affiliate marketing

Make Money Online – Another way to earn money online is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is what is required to sell a company’s products and receive commissions on those products. There can be any product (product/goods) to earn money from Affiliate Marketing. Like shopping, it can be any product, application, hosting, domain, any other type of product.

Those products should promote through a blog website or other forms. After that, every time a user clicks on their link and purchases the product. Then we get a share of the amount of that product as commission.

Affiliate marketing list from which you can earn good money: –

  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. eBay
  4. Clickbank
  5. CJ
  6. other

By visiting these sites, you can earn money by promoting product registration (ID). Product commissions vary from 4% to 20% — commissions by product.

payment: –

You can receive checks, bank transfer (bank account), PayPal, and other payments. Various affiliated companies offer mainly bank or PayPal accounts.

6. Earn money by writing eBooks (earn money from eBooks)

If you like writing an article or story, therefore, you can sell your items on online sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, and other websites. The price you can enter yourself, and you will get 70% of that price. In this way, you can write articles from home. You can make money by selling them directly online. It allows you to publish and sell for free on online shopping sites like Amazon. If you want, you can make your website and sell e-books. How much you can earn depends on your hard work.

Go to ebook site

Selling e-books on amazon

7. Earn money by becoming an online seller

Earn money by becoming an online seller (earn money by becoming an online seller). You can also sell your products online at the sales site. It can also be sold online by creating its website and placing its products on it. You can sell as an online seller on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. If you do something or buy it at a low price, you can sell it and reach millions — online sales from Amazon, Flipkart, eBay Free to add your product.

Sellers connect to Amazon or Flipkart with the following link:

Amazon seller link

Join Flipkart seller link

8. Earn money by teaching online

If you have a good knowledge of something in your field, then you can earn a good income by providing online education. Examples: – Mathematics (Mathematics), English (English), about camps, software courses, computer courses, etc., teaching can be done. Methods of education and training online can vary: you can upload your learning course to online learning websites such as Later, if good work grows, you can start your online training by creating your website.

9. Earn Money in Freelance Work

Freelance work is becoming an accessible online business. There are many independent websites, such as, Fiver, Upwork,, Alliance, and others. That makes money with freelance work that provides a variety of services such as content writing, web design, programming, consulting, accounting Creating Services An Account You Can Make Money Online. When you get a good rating on freelancer websites, your work will increase, and you can win good deals.

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