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How to Start A Blog

If you reading this blog. it means that you want to know. How to start a blog?. I will share a full guide on this topic. there are many guides on the internet about the same topic but we will also share. how you can make money from your blog also?

You can start your blog absolutely free by using you just need an email account. you are ready to go. If you don’t have money or you don’t need to invest money then this is the best option according to me.

Also, you can use WordPress. if you know a little bit about blogging. Then you would hear about WordPress. A professional blogger uses WordPress for blogging. But you to pay hosting and domain cost for this. WordPress is free. but a platform where you can use it’s not free. I will provide full information about blogger and WordPress.

How to setup a blog is the service of Google. Where you can create your website or blog without any cost. Which is start by Google in 2003? Millions of people using Blogger for their website. It easy to use. developed by the team of Pyra Labs and is hosted by Google.

Why Should You Use Blogger?

  • Safe and Secure as you know it’s service of Google. That’s why you don’t need to worry about it.
  • It’s 100% Free to use. you don’t need to pay anything. just sign up and start your blog.
  • You don’t need to worry about storage and bandwidth. It’s unlimited.
  • You can free Subdomain of the blogger.
  • You can also use custom Domain like (dot)com.
  • You can use free templates

Why Should You Not Use Blogger?

  • You can’t customize it more.
  • There is no plugins support.
  • limited templates.

Click here to start your blog with 🙂


WordPress is open-source. You can download it free. However to use WordPress you need to purchase hosting service and you need to buy domain also. It uses May 2003. It founded 16 years ago by the WordPress foundation. Currently, 64 million websites are using WordPress. Is it amazing? it is mostly using by Blogger. 🙂

Why Should You Use WordPress?

  • It is easy to use.
  • You can use plugins to customize the website.
  • Yoast Plugin support for SEO.
  • Thousand of themes.
  • Page Builders Like Elementor, Divi and, etc.
  • SEO Friendly Structure.
  • An easy website or blog backup.

Why Should You Not Use WordPress?

  • WordPress is free to download but You need hosting to run it.
  • You need a domain.
  • You need to pay according to your web server uses.

If you want to use WordPress for your blog then you need to pay for hosting. I am going to share the best and cheapest hosting option with you.

What Is Domain Name?

A domain is a website address name. Users can access your website through your Domain name. The computer understands IP address but it is very difficult for a human to remember the IP address. An IP address looks like this That’s why the domain name developed to identify it easily. You can choose your domain name like (dot)Com is an extension of your domain name. you can use numbers and alphabets.

Domain Name Provider

If you want to know why I recommend name cheap? because it provides forever privacy protection. Namecheap has a low renewal cost.

What is Web Hosting?

If you new in blogging or you don’t know about web hosting. you can understand web hosting concept by this simple method. As I told you earlier that Domain name address for your website and Web hosting is physical building for your website. Where you can store your files like images, js, CSS and etc.

Web Hosting Provider

Hostinger is known for value for money hosting provider. They provide at a very cheap price but for their service excellent according to me. Hostinger after-sale service is also good. They provide 24×7 support.

web hosting and plans


I hope i answer you all questions. Now you can know, how can you set up your blog. We also discuss about hosting and domain. Next topic We will discus, how you can make money from a blog.

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