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BlueHost Web Hosting Review 2019

Due to popular demand, I’ve added this review of Bluehost for hosting. Bluehost is one of the bigger hosts around. They offer a tweaked/skinned version of cPanel that throws in some marketing stuff that they offer as add-ons to your hosting, but overall the skin is nice and integrated with the other parts of their system like support ticketing account management.

Bluehost web hosting 2019 reviews

We have clients who swear by Bluehost for their sites, and until 2011, we haven’t had the chance to use their services. Bluehost is a bigger operation than most of the hosts reviewed on this site. That size has benefits and disadvantages. One of the main advantages they tout is this Resource Protection that gives you ‘VPS-levels’ of resource protection. Supposedly this imposes a hard cap on CPU and memory usage that a single client on their servers can consume, protecting other users from overutilization by one client. In our experience that translates into a “throttled” feeling a bit when using Shared Hosting.

We never had a site become dog-slow, but on the flip side, BlueHost was also never the fastest feeling hosting for our WordPress sites. Overall our experience with them has been excellent. Hardware is top notch and support options match the best out there. The only negative we’ve experienced so far is that raw throughput (ie: download speeds of a large file from the server) and peak performance isn’t quite as fast as GreenGeeks, but performance does seem pretty stable. Additionally, the Resource Protection, whether truly effective or simply marketing hype, ease my mind *a bit*.

Lastly, they have a “Pro” package available for $19.95/mo (upsell during checkout) that looks to be an excellent choice for users needing to handle e-commerce or other more complex site setups. Features: 

Server Configuration

  • 8-16 core servers (not advertised, but apparent via SSH for the accounts we’ve used)
  • SSH included
  • RAID = ? .  Assuming RAID10, but not published
  • Toll-free, US-based support (with touted wait times averaging less than 30 seconds)
  • “Unlimited” Bandwidth
  • Good average speed in WordPress admin screens
  • Automated nightly backups (in case of server failure, etc)
  • “Resource Protection” to prevent the bad-neighbor effect
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